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muse me

say hey bard-tender, won’t you please pour me a straight up shot (in the arm) (in the dark) of some rum-bled phrase?  fuse me (shaken, stirred) a word or two to spill, some cocktail napkin poems to fill the time.  lose me to the page, the space -bar rage of fingers flying and syllables sighing in … Continue reading

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Completely Smashed

.. against this midnight-silent sky, he is all rum -bled song (how many bottles of beer on the wall? We’ve lost count.) He’s cashed in and crashed on our couches and trashed his last joint and pointed at that tattle-tale … Continue reading

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’Dis Obedient Poem

… ’Dis poem ain’t in line or just in time. She’s got one black eye and bruised feet and a pen -chant for running out in the street before she’s fully dressed. She don’t listen, or glisten, or wrap a … Continue reading

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kick me

.. this poem wears a sign on its skeletal back: attack me if you will, but bring donuts, gin or rum -bled phrase, something I can sink my tangoed teeth into. something that just might stick. hey, bartender, quick – … Continue reading

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