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#run one more

until legs and lungs are soreuntil you’ve evened the score with your busy, bossy brain.  just get up with the sun and put on the shoes and choose to run away. 

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#run one

until your lungs scream until you’ve blown off the steam until the world seems just a little tamer.  runwalk four until the sweat pours and the trees store up the last of your secretsand you can run and whisper and scream no more. 

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she runs

 … {just one} mostly more, but never in            a        row. she knows she’ll never be a marathon girl or a speed queen, but she’s seen her strong legs fly, and listened to her lungs sing impossible air.     .. Written … Continue reading


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Running Against the Wind

… Just gotta put one foot in front of the other, take another step pull another breath find another song. Just gotta listen to the trees, they know things feet can’t know lungs can’t swallow sky can’t tell. Just gotta … Continue reading

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The Tao of Tree Shadows

She runs, and whisper-soft, they tell her things. Secrets. The pounding of her own hooves. The bleeding of this indigo sky. The why of silence. She’s got lungs, and legs. She’s got this air and these miles. She’s got nothing … Continue reading

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Walking with Wolves, Listening to Trees.

She started the morning with smoke detectors alarming, dissident daughter disarming her silence. But the trees shed some leaf-secrets, and there’s a reminder in the road that even when we walk lone, we’re not alone.       ..

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little breaths

she runs one ………{mile} just to see the sun smile just to find a new and quiet start just to spill the beatings of her heart to the pavement one slow footpound at a time. just one. just to feel … Continue reading

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run two

{.5} lungs full of glue, but alive and well and ready again to pound these morning streets. set rhythm of feet and rasp to go, then do, and take up the task of shred-treading on through. sun beat us today, but … Continue reading

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i am 5am

the zen of all sky, no sun. first breaths, and livening of lungs. i am slow beat of heart and feet, rhythmic pull of chest. i am fast (g)race, unmetered pace, blurred face and untamed. blessed.

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Run Four (and a Little More)

in the humidity. in the humility. in the hummm-idity of a new day. through the rainy breeze. through the whispering trees. through the raging seas of your own crazy brain. run four (and a little more) to clear your mind. … Continue reading

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