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a story held tight in syllabled fist 

see, here’s the gist: this poem does not want to be told. she’s holding it all in way too close to feathered chest assuming playing dumband stumbled silence bestfor flying below the radar, or snow.  see, here’s the ghost: of chance, she cannot speak. it’s been a week … Continue reading

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of the earth

and all its glories,  our storiesand our songs  the ways we Braille our way to shinein (fallen) followed stars the days we know that all of this is ours, so seize the daze  and whim the wave  and spill our salt.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and I’m … Continue reading

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… I’m not sure where …….the moon went, …but I think it might be ………………..my fault. I miss her. So please, ……forgive ..my salt.   .. Poem ketchuping.   

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So me an ocean

.. , so deep that you can’t find me. so wide my inky arms can span the world. so vast my salt can stay. Or so I plead with stars. But so far, I am a shore.   .. Prompted … Continue reading

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unpocketed wild

child , can’t you see our shackles (these chains, the sky) have fallen? in the swollen swell of silence and your eyelash flutter, I shuttered my indigo fingers, my gills and scales and skin. the sky’s an ocean. these legs … Continue reading

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{blush} {dazzle} {devour} {decay}

  play magnetic poetry here. 

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Origin Story

.. I am from ink. The brink of heartbreak. The swell of grace. Some podunk place you’ve never heard of. A pom-pom. A pen. The pocket of a jean jumper. The bumper of a Gran Torino (green). A reservation mesa. … Continue reading

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Of Streets Dissolved by Rain

.. Watch the way the asphalt holds the sky, taking more than its fair share and holding concrete breath. Beware the way the treasures of the magpie turn the sidewalks to golden light. Things are not as they appear. Watch … Continue reading

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