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Get Thee to a Punnery

To flee or not to flee, now that’s the thing, the rub that flubs us by the final scene. We wonder, do we bow to numbered king? Exit stage left, or somewhere in between?  It’s Greek to me, we say in foreign tongueand … Continue reading

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Space for Quill

.. Greetings, I am enamored to have met someone so fair, so graced from deep within. Never have I known a bright soul yet so full of magic, madness, heaven, sin. Bright crimson lips, and skies of clearest glass, I’ll … Continue reading

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A Sonnet for My Blue

.. Maybe the moon and the waves on the lake will swim with us under the stars. Oh, that I might just let go of the ache that plagues me when wishing for more. The woo of this Blue bids … Continue reading

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