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The Blurry Aftermath

.. Blowtorch. Deep -water. The flu(n)ctuation of de -cadence. The new songs (seducer soon and locust long) that come too soon and leave urban sprawl cloudy walls. Account for falling. Coconuts. The crypt -ology of reason. The corrupt seducer seasons … Continue reading


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.. gone girl. gong girl, high on king kong girl, smack that plane right outta the sky. wrong, girl. too long, girl. don’t just run, girl. fly.   ..

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small outpocketings of lung

… fish me a bated breath, love. a small death (die section) break down of i-lay-em ………down, an intricate crown of junk -shunned strange. hide your axes, your exes, your next-es, your sea. the red panda speaks of Sigmund and … Continue reading

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corkboard poem

.. she’s been a -broad, pass -port in hand, standing on a distant shore. she’s pinned and pined, postcards of mind and heart to distant shore. she’s pushed and rushed and all but shushed the voice that says some things … Continue reading

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Ma Noon

.. Too soon, she notices that her children (wisps of cloud, fallen stars) have left her loose in this bright sky. Why not try to gather them home with sunspilled silken spider web net? And yet she knows it’s time … Continue reading

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