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Cinderella Smells a Rat 

So, the clock strikes midnight and that’s the end of it?  The mice turn back,a lost shoe? (The damned things were killing her feet, anyway.)  Listen, Pumpkin:after all that, if he only recognizes you by size (aching feet or otherwise), maybe it’s time to for you to steal a real horse and shoo,before … Continue reading

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Leaving Their Shoes Behind

  There’s a pile of pumps at the peaceful passage leading to Wildling Wood.  They’ve kicked (off) up their heels and wielded their swords and let all that hair (golden and otherwise)down and traded their pointy crowns for flowers.  Now, they spend hours bare-foot loose and fancy -free, having also … Continue reading

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The Princesses UnQuit

:: But only for an afternoon, so they can try on pretty shoes.  ::

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She’ll need more than galoshes for this bright rain.

.. She’s walked a few in blue suede, slipped ruby, glass. Laced up before the dawn in pursuit of early grace. Donned lace and leather, canvas; retraced her own ………steps (backward) ……….barefoot …….in sand. She’s landed sharp, and soft, and … Continue reading

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run that damn three

with no trace of glee and with a bummed knee and through bee-buzzy trees. run it ………..{those three damn miles} in the muggy sticky style of pseudo-monsoon southern Nevada, of wide open skies but all-desert ground. run up. run down … Continue reading

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breathing out loud

and a pink neon cloud (is she on the ………………{run} too?) doesn’t seem to know what to do besides hang out, plugged in to a rising sun. And the breath comes hard but it comes and the day’s already too … Continue reading

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Pickup, Aisle 2

… She was really only there for peaches. But still, she fell – melon ……..over …Man ………..-olos. .. prompted by toads. Also a fun older shoe poem here.   

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Showing Up on the First Day in Two Different Shoes

.. The automatic coffee maker does its job that morning. The alarm clock, notsomuch. Now in a rush, I carefully choose clothes that say I am a responsible adult, a dependable, reliable soul who will certainly be a major asset … Continue reading

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Spilled, Shod

This poem needs tiny shoes for each and every one of her iambic feet. She’s ’bout to hit the street and break dance her way across the c   o   n   c   r   e   t   e and play in the sprinklers. … Continue reading

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