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sigh language

The best gesture of my brain is less than your eyelids’ flutter which says we are for each other  – E.E. Cummings  The earth laughs in flowers. – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box…Edie Brickell :: dandelion fluff … Continue reading

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Works of F(r)iction

… We tell lies in the cellar, sell our words for tiny button photographs of time. We’re in the weeds, berry -kissed and a little touched in the head. We’re re:cording ourselves sane, playing games across the fence between sigh … Continue reading

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run, too

{just two} {miles} cuz it’s all that you have time for. there are kids to get to school and all kinds of morning urgencies and emergencies and more. but first, run two. just you. in the silence of a midnight … Continue reading

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Camels, Eyes & Needles

… It’s hump day, and she’s gotta say the piling up challenges of this desert place are starting to make her crazy. She’s dotted all the i’s and crossed more than t’s and tried to please the masses and the … Continue reading

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.. She blames the rain {again}. A gain of drop on skin; a loss of something more. The sky is broken open, full of bruises, old songs. She’s waiting for the sun to sigh, tell her how to feel again, … Continue reading

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unpocketed wild

child , can’t you see our shackles (these chains, the sky) have fallen? in the swollen swell of silence and your eyelash flutter, I shuttered my indigo fingers, my gills and scales and skin. the sky’s an ocean. these legs … Continue reading

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(just) ascloseasthis

squeeze in tight and fight the urge to hustle-bustle on outta here. hold my hand, my heart, my time. stay.sigh.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.   

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if love be a day

, she’s holding the world in quiet, wide open hands, standing on her knees. have you breathed the moon? its borrowed light is fading, dissolving in sky. the clouds know better. they hold nothing but whisper and the float of … Continue reading

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dragon’s breath

… pity her nothing, this unquiet puff of sky, this fiery tangerine cloud beast, pinned soft and savage least against her own bright cerulean skin. she has spun her self of steam and smoke and sigh -lence, unshrouded her eyes … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

… This poem is a perfect storm. The abnormal crawlings and clawings of a wayward gypsy heart. Clouds are forming, global word-warming, drops waiting to spill. Beware saltwater and too much silence, the violence of scattered whim and will, wonder … Continue reading

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