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Sigh(t) Words 

We commit them to memory, wear them as articles of faith, don them like habits.  Sky. Sea. Tree. Wild. Breeze. We take the ones that move us and groove them into our skin.  We close our eyes and paint our fingers cobalt, emerald, saffron. Count … Continue reading

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sigh language

The best gesture of my brain is less than your eyelids’ flutter which says we are for each other  – E.E. Cummings  The earth laughs in flowers. – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box…Edie Brickell :: dandelion fluff … Continue reading

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{In which she writes after not writing for days and days and days}

  She runs to breathe, and be -lieves that things will get better with the dawn. She holds that fire in her heart and wishes upon it, knows these days are numbers, fleeting. She is equal parts lake ache and … Continue reading

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(l)onely poem

.. this poem is all by its lone -some self, some semblance of assem -bled phrases on a shelf. in a void. annoyed. this poem is a single sigh -lent scream, a scene from a one -act play with no … Continue reading

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something more than someday, too.

.. she’s doing it again; layering her skin with doubt and promise, polishing the way she says I’m fine when she means to scream. she’s counting all the clicks and the tics and the tocks and the way that the … Continue reading

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The Silent Sigh of Hospital Sheets

.. They say she is dying. We listen with wrenched hands, tightening lips. The clock on the wall ticks, clicks its way into our worn brains, as if we don’t already feel its dwindling voice in our own heartbeats. Staccato … Continue reading

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.. Does she long to shed her weary skin, sink within the caverned veins of silence? Does our violence make her sigh, pine to gather her pleated skirt hills and walk out on us? Can we heal her, feel her … Continue reading

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poem sprite

.. she’s an imp -ossible combination of phrase and space, kerning herself around the moon, an i am -bic pen. a wren. a crow contemplating murder, a murmuring swallow, a hum -ming bird following its own bright tail. sand is … Continue reading

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Remember the Tungsten Sky

.. Remember the last things we said, the way your head fell toward the door, even as I was sighing my last good -bye? Remember the hollow, the way we followed that naughty moon too far, got lost in all … Continue reading

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