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what shall we call this small silence? 

these hopeful moments before dawn that say anything could be, that we  could hold the whole earth in our hungry hands, swallow these last  stars. the ghosts of steam from our mugs make poems of all things,  this swirl of cream a galaxy.  that … Continue reading

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The Things They Carried 

The moonlight on their backs, the fading tracks of barefoot sand.  Empty hands, and the barely there weight of silence.  :: In April, we poem.

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This Season of Crimped Grass

.. We breathe the cold, snapped against silence; the blue seeps into our bones. We raise our limbs to a cracked-open sky, the clouds like overlapping stones.   .. wordled.    

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What Went Wayward

… Blame the rain. The way it slant-slid off this damn tin roof, the way we laughed (slippery, only slightly sane) at all the things we thought we knew. Listen to the sound ………..(advice) of silence. Then, blame the stupid … Continue reading

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sewn mouth

… there is a harvest of phrase (a hum, a song, a scream) behind my be -stung tongue. my teeth a cage, my seeds are gone. no pit, …………….all stone.   ..   Prompted by toads.   

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One cent, hence poem. {talking to myself, again}

Find the still small voice in the quiet rain, and make the hard choice to stay.

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scribbled daisies in delicate margins

.. swearing by all flowers, she spins hours making eyelashes of petaled promises, lovesmelovesmeknot chains of whim. give her a peri -winkle pen and a bit of white space, and she’ll ……………(erase) trace her own heart along veined vines, and … Continue reading

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Shrinking Down to Silence

. Forgive me my lost muchness, my lost touch with all in -sanity. I find that I can only listen now to stars, the twinkling inklings of this sage sky. I also think these trees have some small thing to … Continue reading

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The Softer Significance of Wings

.. Flying’s fine, but for once I have perhaps chosen wisely, wildly shedding my shoulds for something (more or less) sibilant, more bent toward appropriate sun -light. We fight tooth and nail for feathers, hope balanced precariously on bright strings. … Continue reading

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Aubade from a Glass House

.. The breeze is caught, a distant hymn. The moon she’s got is growing dim. She pulls the shade and so it goes – her heart a glade where river flows. He’s hidden lies under each stone, but her silence … Continue reading

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