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Genus (a whole ’nother Species) Bar 

Took the Apple in (cuz locked passwords, swear words, error message number bah-de-bah).  Smart Guy sez there are cookies involved (or was it pastries?) and have I turned them on(what, with my pasties, perhaps?) and also have I             (cracked up) (yes) backed up        (ohhh.) (yeah, no.) my phyl-ums? Of course I have not, because I … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, 95 miles south by south(l)east,

This poem has straight dark hair and ponytails and idle dimples. It’s simple, really: just add a few monks chanting in {prig}Latin, a satin stir -fry of peppers and mush -rooms of lingered lawn mowers (the scent of fresh-cut summer). … Continue reading

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.. Let’s write our arses off, thumb our noses at the day, scoff and play around with sounds and hyp -hens {cluck} and click and clack our indigo black into a waiting sun. Let’s cockadoodle-do something a whole lot more … Continue reading

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