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like water for sky

Casperson Beach, January 2018 .. the sky’s on fire and so’s her soul, so much foam and salt. she’ll leave a piece of her self here, take some peace home with her. be. still. ………..know.     Advertisements

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storm fairy

… so, listen: you’re either well -weathered wit(her), or you’re not. if you’ve caught her ……..(net, pocket, palm) you know the moment -airy calm she brings be fore. her satin ribbon hair’s a syllabic squall wibble-wobbly woven through this sky. … Continue reading

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Snapping at the Sky

She’s bruised, but I can’t tell if she’s abused …………….or just camera shy.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.   

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Over.Under.Through. {How do you do?}

(Her Prepositional Phrase Phase)   .. She’s been over easy -worked the rainbow herself the line. She’s been under age suspicion lack of supervision the influence the gun and his tyrannical thumb. She’s been through divorce childbirth loss fear the … Continue reading

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Dragon Dance Journey

.. Lull her soft with bubblegum grin and giggle-ghost breath. She breeze-leaves a cloud of spark and shadow, whisper-twist. Springspill her shimmer to a melted dawn sky, a moonscar curly-cued over open horizon. Green leaves of fire. Heartskip. Her sun’s … Continue reading

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.. she dreams in spiraled clouds, candy spun of nothing-dreams. she seems a wayward soul, a lost girl in dragon skin. she’s begin -ning to believe in something, anything, this thing that is her own dark soul. she knows the … Continue reading

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Holding Up the Sky

.. We were only lying there, counting stars. I think. (After all, it was dark.) Ursa Major was the brightest spark, with a crow or two besides, a ram (and one small flicker -fly.) 88 of them in all, (infinity … Continue reading

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