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how then shall we scale this sky?

if you bend low, i can stand on your should-ers and stretch up up up on my tiptoes to reach Orion’s belt                     and fly.  ::written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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When the sky is just the perfect shade of blue

,  ‘it’s the color of my wedding dress!’ she saysand he always fires back ‘periwinkle?’ and there’s a wink built right in and then she says ‘cornflower blue.’ and after 22 years it’s something            that never gets old, always new, this  laughter borrowed over blue.  :: written for poetic asides November … Continue reading

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while we wait

pleasecome, sit with me for awhile  and try to let your hate be ruined by this vast forgiving sky.  written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge

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Borrowed Light

Even  After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky. ― Hafiz  .. … We wonder if we’ll ever get the hang of … Continue reading

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whether we write, or knot (daisy-chained phrase) we tie ourselves to moontoo soon, to storm too late. we debate ink over ocean swell. we tell ourselves the words won’t swim, fair-weathered whim will ragequit in mid-line.  we find ourselves a-dangle, participles waning. verbs complaining, tangled in theirown bright … Continue reading

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palms, sunday.

I need a moment to deliberate… -Alanis Morissette, ‘Uninvited’   .. our feet are tired, and so we count these things …………(eenie, meenie) on outstretched hands, hoping the sky might have …(miney, mo) answers we cannot find. all that blue … Continue reading

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syrup sky

.. she breathes …………….oh, my under waffled clouds.   .. I soooo wish I could take credit for the title phrase, but it’s Misky’s twiglet today. Come play!       

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Orion’s Song

.. I’m just sitting here with my go-go gadget batman belt, helping re-hang the moon. You said I was your proof of life. I just thought I was lighting your way home.     .. In November, we poem.   

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{in which she attempts to define love and hate in 17 syllables each}

{…while holding her breath until morning} ::   Love’s got a quiet star tongue, st(r)ung bright in an infinite hum-hope-sky. Hate holds too much fire in its own belly; wastes its breath on fear, and sting.   ::   .. … Continue reading

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Graffiti on a Broken Sky

  .. Paintbrush-hush (guilty, guileless) me a rebel heart, an unquiet start a whispered want and a place to hold my still long-fractured hope. Then soft (and sound and soon), steal me some long-lost wisp of cloud, harboring a sunrise … Continue reading

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