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Corrugated Sky 

You and I, we’ve got a bone to pick, or two. All these corduroy clouds make me  dream out loud, and I can’t run my fingers through your cotton (candy) fields. Sigh.  Try to see it my way: your dragon -breath puff wants to play tricks … Continue reading

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synesthesia calling

oh, to savor  the flavor of flamencothe bee-sting sour of ska.  to know a triangle has a tang, to hang that hat and call it hum.  to hold a cloud on hungry tongue as it goes scribbling by.  to swallow periwinkle phrase,devour a poem and taste the sky.  … Continue reading

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To Embrace a Dark Sky After an Unquiet Rain 

You must let it be what it is, accept all terrain,cling tight to its corners,let loose its bright storms.  The same goes for love and poems.  ::In April, she poems.

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Loose Thoughts Caught by My Pillowtalk Blur 

The sky’s (somehow) chartreuse, and (wow!) there go all these paper poemkites loosed to wind.  The moon’s a lavender lozenge and I’ve got hum-mingbird wings, and dragon skin.  We live in the trees, breeze-lullabied and ample-limbed, writing merry manifestos in chalk.  Watch the river spill, it’s filled with limoncello and our rafts … Continue reading

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Greetings from a Distant Sighing Sky

Ah, love.The world’s insane. Wish me a dandelion kite,a storm of ice, a startled star-ling murmured twice. Worrystone this warm butterscotchcandy sun untilthe sweetest edges begin to fray,then build me a bold bright moonto light our way. :: It’s Quadrille … Continue reading

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and the sky played on 

she never knew the moon was made of music, orion belting out the blues.  and then she flew, mad as midnight, wild as stars. ::In November, we poem.

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Shaking out the Down 

“I am a feather for each wind that blows.” William Shakespeare :: Look up, the sky’s a fluffered songof promise. A float of hope.  Let’s make ourselves a small and quiet place to gather these loose quills caught.  **Cue the lightning.** On second thought, let’s not. … Continue reading

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Deliberate Storms 

A maelstrom stirs in her chest,poorly born concave shell.  Damn, but this land’s a swung          (sprung) place to watch lightning fingers jigsaw the sky.  ::Quickly, day 25.

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Two, too Quickly

‘ku (dos) for the sky in praise of stars  sharp shards of sea glass in a broken open sky,scattered deep as sighs :: palming psalms O, the awe of trees waving limbs to sacred blue aching to know the sun’s fire  ::Quickly day 8.

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is there anybody out there? 

when the tree falls                  (in the forest) for the sky do you and i hear it, across all these miles?  i know notof timbre falling ,but the stars are full of static electricity and the moon is all crescent cling and zing.  ::I’ve been gleefully out of … Continue reading

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