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a muse, me

, colossal in the awakening of my own un -flat skin, husk ……………………-y voice of silence. these schemes of vein and sinew sky sting a phrase to page, ……………………a transferred why.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.        … Continue reading

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Graffiti on a Broken Sky

  .. Paintbrush-hush (guilty, guileless) me a rebel heart, an unquiet start a whispered want and a place to hold my still long-fractured hope. Then soft (and sound and soon), steal me some long-lost wisp of cloud, harboring a sunrise … Continue reading

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Title Wave

We tried to tell you the storm ………….was coming, that these phrases have been arranging their kin and ken in kingdom, phylum, class …….-ified order for weeks. In case you’re wondering, they’re here, and they’ve brought whirl ……………..-wind reinforcements. Have … Continue reading

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Loose Thoughts Caught on a Silver Slow-Stitched Thread

.. Listen, here is the thing we might whisper to your waiting ears if you let us; the picture we might paint for you of future endings and un -endings, the case we should argue for the brilliance of forbidden … Continue reading

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In the Muffled Hum of Morning

… See? We have classified information for you about our own IQs, and the way the moon cases the joint every morning before she disappears, a fading portrait of her own curiosity. It’s been years since we’ve stopped living, stopped … Continue reading

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(th)inking in thirds

She watches the sky swirl the same old songs. The stars are needle points, and the band plays on.     .. For ink in thirds thursdays. Come play! 

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Filling the Day with Ordinary Awesome

,,, The moon went to bed again this morning in her borrowed light cape, to escape the overshine of her brother sun. See the shim -mer of the sky’s invisibility cloak? Hear the triumphant cheer of swallow, sparrow, crow? These … Continue reading

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