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(th)inking in thirds

She watches the sky swirl the same old songs. The stars are needle points, and the band plays on.     .. For ink in thirds thursdays. Come play!  Advertisements

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Filling the Day with Ordinary Awesome

,,, The moon went to bed again this morning in her borrowed light cape, to escape the overshine of her brother sun. See the shim -mer of the sky’s invisibility cloak? Hear the triumphant cheer of swallow, sparrow, crow? These … Continue reading

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ink in thirds

.. A premeditated murder of smallish crows holds the morning in its ebony breath as they mutilate the sky.   .. Also thanks to Grace, found a new fun place to poem – thursdays at ink in thirds. Come play!   

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Aching Like Indigo

… We’re keeping secrets again – under our hats, beneath our skin, between these dot-to-dot stars. The sky’s a sigh of boundless deep, a place to chalk our whispers and our want. A haunt of hope.   .. twiglets #60 … Continue reading

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Under a Scalded Sky Scrim

… , we begin with praise and prayer and a parade of midnight kisses and we ask our selves (those future folk, those wandered wisdom souls dangling their toes off the edge of the world) questions only the stars can … Continue reading

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the most wonderful thing

.. about springs: (as opposed to these quiet win -te(a)r chills,) is the way they b    o   u   n   c   e clouds off a stirred-up sky, the way they pry their wily, wiry petaled fingers into my funnybones, trounce … Continue reading

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like water for sky

Casperson Beach, January 2018 .. the sky’s on fire and so’s her soul, so much foam and salt. she’ll leave a piece of her self here, take some peace home with her. be. still. ………..know.    

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