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Waking softly, slowly

Every day’s the first day of something or other, so we remember the blue. And the blues. The used toothpaste tube. The scent of rain, fading. The crumbling of time. And the way this sly sky holds court with tree … Continue reading

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run (just) one

………….{mile} until it’s done. until there’s an end -orphin smile cracking open your jaw as that sun egg-yolks the sky. run it speedy gonzales style to make your own breeze, feel the rhythm of fast feet on this waking street. … Continue reading

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run four

{miles} she didn’t know she could, until she did. and then she died. …….{just kidding} but she did watch that wily sun slide up into the sky like a lemon wedge on the edge of a mountain-rimmed drink, lungs on … Continue reading

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This Season of Crimped Grass

.. We breathe the cold, snapped against silence; the blue seeps into our bones. We raise our limbs to a cracked-open sky, the clouds like overlapping stones.   .. wordled.    

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found between the couch cushions with some lint, and 36 cents

.. , this poem is a long lost song on tip of tongue, a memory rising as mist or smoke. a broken bottle scattered, not yet smoothed to sea glass. the jagged syllables of a name that once mattered. a … Continue reading

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As Crazy As We’ll Ever Be

.. Can you see us? Sitting there with the whirl -wind in our hair and time to spare and the summer stretched out long and lean. We’ve howled all night at a curious moon and danced half ……………..(crazy) naked under … Continue reading

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sea glass

.. tumble me back to the places where water kisses land, where sand is fairy dust in hungry hands. salt-shine me to reflect this crazy sky, this wandered-by wisp of cloud, this out-loud sigh that says wish you were …………..(still) … Continue reading

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