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smallish dragons in disguise

they pass themselves off as flies, having given their fire to the lightning bugs and shrugged their scales for gossamer wings.  but we recognize the spangled colors of their skin, the way sea and river call to them. they dip and sway and pass the day in bedazzled … Continue reading

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the secret shenanigans of smallish dragons

they race, their faces turned to saffron -seasoned sun, their embered voices raging ona play of roar and soar and con-viction of great rising moon.  :: PAD Challenge, day 12.

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the unknown tomorrows of smallish dragons

blurrrrsday again, and the be -fuddlement continues. we know not what these hours might hold, nor how we shall knit them together to make a quilt of promise. but still we don our brightest tutus and most audacious ………………..clouds, as … Continue reading

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smallish dragons in boxer shorts

we’re happy to report that though they snap and snort, they’re all smoke and they keep it short.     … Written for Poetic Asides.       

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letters to smallish dragons

  we scribble tiny syllables and tuck them between these bright petaled teeth, unsheath our quill-swords and pen the truth in praise and song. they long to be spangled in our word-skins, I think, saturated satiated in wee-stemmed ………………..ink.   … Continue reading

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and still, she is writing about smallish dragons

because she can feel their hot breath on her neck, the weight of their scales and talons in the tresses of her hair. they’ve got a thou -sand whispered things, and she is but one pen -dulum, swinging. they’ve got … Continue reading

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Irony is the skin on a smallish dragon

.. Or slate. Or steely gray. Yes? Perhaps no. Perhaps know her name before you define her, or the state of her skin. Maybe get to know a girl before you claim she breathes fire. Ay, me, but you’ve a … Continue reading

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good glimpses of smallish dragons

.. it’s the wings that give them away, most surprisingly not the hot hot glow of embered breath. the marigold scent of morning and good green earth. they unfold themselves slow, no more than fireflies, or snap -dragons, dragonflies, tiny … Continue reading

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