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when the wind begins to speak 

,  we seek her voice in the whisper of treesthe pitter-patter of star feet on a broken-open sky.  we press our ears to seashell, ocean swell,river gurgle-gaspand the clasp of rain -hum on hungry heart.  we listen deep to swallow song, the long poem trails of … Continue reading

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stepping soft, with snails {on being here}

bare bold feet, i’m ground deep to this wandered garden carpet, earthed soft and steeped in green.   .. day 3 for Grace’s self-love challenge.     

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snails with swords

medieval manuscript marginalia      … when the …….s     l     o     w sluggasluggaslugga of life leaves them wanting to slough off their shells, they take up sword and shield, coat of arms for one with none. she {poet, holding feathered … Continue reading

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… scribble-scrabble your morning away, under a rising grapefruit sun. just like ………………me.     ..     ,,

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.. don’t poke the head. she’ll snail back in, and sail along her sea of goo. don’t steal her heart. she hasn’t sparked it in awhile, and time’s a wastin’. heart of dragon, head of snail? confusing, yes. and it … Continue reading

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small outpocketings of lung

… fish me a bated breath, love. a small death (die section) break down of i-lay-em ………down, an intricate crown of junk -shunned strange. hide your axes, your exes, your next-es, your sea. the red panda speaks of Sigmund and … Continue reading

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Backyard TripTik

.. I grab my coffee, because essentially I am a steam engine at heart. My notebook, because ink is fuel. I am not going far, but these things are important for the journey. The ruffling of the ash and the … Continue reading

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