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{in celebration of sternutation}

.. a moment, (some fanfare, a parade?) if you please, for the neglected, rejected, misunderstood sneeze. for what better release is there, than a surprise expulsion of air and spit and violent glee; the fantastic explosion of achoooooooooo. and also, … Continue reading

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That morning steeped in scent of sea

… Blame it on the breeze. The way the trees whispered us a sorrowsong. The way the sky cracked open as if we’d both gone mad. The moment when I sneezed and you breathed God bless you and for once … Continue reading

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one breath later

.. in the languid wink of a butterfly’s flutter by, ……….a sneeze of breeze, i de (sighed) these muttering trees might have some wisdom i can keep.   .. Written for Poetic Asides. 

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