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something more than someday, too.

.. she’s doing it again; layering her skin with doubt and promise, polishing the way she says I’m fine when she means to scream. she’s counting all the clicks and the tics and the tocks and the way that the … Continue reading

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the girl hates bios, mirrors. loves the sky.

… she is sans serif 10-point type, often italicized never bold. she is onion paper see-through skin. easily erased, truth untold. she’s scribbled whim and ellipsis salt, ridiculous blessings, cacophonous grace. she’s words in margins, indigo fire. moon swallowed, sunset … Continue reading


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17 American Sentences (that may or may not make sense)

.. When it comes to grocery shopping, I’m a bona fied full-cart girl. Poetically, not so much: give me 12 items or less, some space, please. Wordy drawn-out sentences present me in southern drawl, chaos crawl. Whitman had his leaves, … Continue reading

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Kenning Me Softly

.. Have you met her? She’s a mess -age of murmurmoan, an ink(trovert) blot caught on a cure-ious spinstring, a gypsygonegirl (nevermore) moon(mer)maid of de -versity. She’s paid only in breeze-sigh whisperwhy and skysong spare change. But give her a … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Swallowed Sorrow

All that glisters in not gold. – Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice   . Why dress myself in shadow, shade and haze as the sun glimmers through a broken sky? Why hold the moon aloft on tongue for days, just … Continue reading

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Braiding her own names into a strange new song

.. As the day takes its final breath, Persephone puts on pants, quirky girl under a paper doll moon, sleepwalking through slivers of limbs, and liquid skin. (We are) string theory sugar spun star sisters shouting yes to no one … Continue reading

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Observations of a Lunatic

… What’s the world got ……against in -sanity? We watch that lonely moon dance ,,,,,,,,,,,partner -less all the way across the sky, and wonder why she wanes. Explain for me, please, the whisper of the breeze – the things it … Continue reading

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