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Ink Queries 

(a Curtal Sonnet) :: If we ask our questions of the sky  will it answer with its fallen stars and Orion’s belt playing in tune? When we raise our palms and wonder why  fireflies won’t stay in gathered jars, how then … Continue reading

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A Sonnet for My Blue

.. Maybe the moon and the waves on the lake will swim with us under the stars. Oh, that I might just let go of the ache that plagues me when wishing for more. The woo of this Blue bids … Continue reading

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Sonnet for Swallowed Sorrow

All that glisters in not gold. – Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice   . Why dress myself in shadow, shade and haze as the sun glimmers through a broken sky? Why hold the moon aloft on tongue for days, just … Continue reading

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14 lines about nothing

.. the breeze is trembling the trees again, the moon chasing herself across the sky. i’ve got a million wishes and not enough stars – can you hold my most recent sigh? give yourself a pat on the back, a … Continue reading

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Impartial Gust

(a Shakespearean sonnet)   . A bloodstained bandit breeze dwindles the dawn, arouses barefaced sun to blushing rise. A gloomy, frugal courtship panders on, as noiseless skysongs tease these jaded skies. Last night, the tranquil skim milk moonbeams spilled, forgot … Continue reading

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