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when the wind begins to speak 

,  we seek her voice in the whisper of treesthe pitter-patter of star feet on a broken-open sky.  we press our ears to seashell, ocean swell,river gurgle-gaspand the clasp of rain -hum on hungry heart.  we listen deep to swallow song, the long poem trails of … Continue reading

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humming schwä

we uh at that saffron balloon sunrise  seizing the skyand we’re listening for the bumble-buzz of beeand be.  the world is all squawk squawk squawk and talk of war-nings and fire and we have to warble loud to stay un-stressed.  it’s best to pencil in the rest, slow slur -blur shades of … Continue reading

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Slipped (Gin) Fizz

That’s the biz (all the buzz); pour me a giggle-glug and let’s muttermurmurmutter hiss our way to the kerplunk crunk …………..(rumble-rustle-rush) of phrase. These days, we all hoot and hum, jangle thumbs at days and days …and days of ding-dong … Continue reading

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sounding off

.. the sky’s got too much rattle today, too much clatter, clamor, treble; not enough clef. you’d have to be deaf not to hear those clouds clunking around up there, cha-cha-cha-ing all over each other’s toes. and could someone please … Continue reading

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