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Every Saturday night, the girls once again don the crowns, but looped round (and round and round)  their arms as hula hoopsspun in a whirl of rubysapphirediamondgold.  War stories are told and fairytales spun, too, and the rescued dragons know just what to do with the cast-off (ridiculous) high -heeled shoes (they’re … Continue reading

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poema exotica

. this poem is a rare bird, plumage primped and pulled to sun. she’s one of those tropical flowers with a thousand smaller blooms at center. she’s a spangled dragon – all sequined fire and iridescent skin. there’s some warpaint … Continue reading

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Dragon Slayer

.. She’s handed a sword, told it’s the only way. She begs to differ, spangles the creatures in glorious array. They have longed to be exquisite in their own skins for years, tired of regret and tiers of scales that … Continue reading

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