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paprika poem 

spring flings in; we twirl and spin between the limbs and dance our -selves silly. the sky’s addicting.  maybe we’re high on dandelion fluff. maybe we’ve achoo’d our way to sun.  whatever the reason,we’ve decided spicy’s just fine for any scribbledseason.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and … Continue reading

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there’ll be nothing but coal in the tiny stockings of these iambic feet

this poem is more naughty than nice, spicy syllables laced with ghost  -pepper, ancho and then carelessly t o s s e d  in a mean serrano poblano moon sauce.  :: written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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… She’s stuck in a rut -abaga moment, rooted to this bluegreen sphere by her own leafy fears. She longs to be exotic: bok choy, art -un-choked, tomatillo habañero heat, onion skin peeled down far enough to remind her she’s … Continue reading

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…. They say there’s nothing on our soil that quite captures ………….it, no word that means soul-same in the same number of simple syllables. I like the way it looks like tapioca, but tastes spicy on my tongue, all peppered … Continue reading

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