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writing in stained glass faerie gardens

   the fragility of this place is not loston us, but for once we’ve tossed our fears aside to simply abide among the glint and glow.  our quills are sharp and true and you’ve still got some indigo blue set for spilling;it’s thrilling to thinkof … Continue reading

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this poem is a smallish smudge

.. that just won’t budge, or swim, or take a decent bath. it’s stained in both strained peas and song, the quiet longing of a scrib -bled cloud. it leaks out loud, of ink and salt and ‘not my fault’ … Continue reading

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Sleepwalking through Slivers

.. Caught in his claws, she can’t get (Out,) free, can’t see the light beyond the bars. Out (damn’d spot, I say!) of her mind, she counts (one; two:) her blessings, few, her sorrows full. He has tainted her with … Continue reading

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