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April and Everything After 

Orion is teasing us with that belt again, all three sisters showing off their bling.  See, here’s the thing: the sky’s a thick black soup of shardsand our wishes are lost somewhere in all that ebony spill.  We sit quite still and connect the dots.  :: In April, she … Continue reading

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Another Pin-Pricked Sigh Sky 

I can’t think of a better medicine than stars for a ceiling. – Yellowstone  :: Now I lay me down                  (to sleep) my fears my tears the tired trappings of my heart.  A quieting restart,this midnight sky.  My wayward soul to keep,counting         (blessings) clouds as sheep.  Standing still, I … Continue reading

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When You Are Finished With Your Own Scar-Gazing

, gather me a sinew-sky full of fireflies with intricate wings, no-more-questions; a place to hold my broken wishes, my brightest hope. A stone for keeping, knowing, throwing at my fears; a few years to breathe, be -lieve in my … Continue reading

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seven ways to wish upon a star

.. tremble the sky loose with your own salt, fill your hands with indigo and ebony. ask orion a rhetorical quest -ion or two {in pig latin, or martian, or sioux.} welcome broken. speak only when spoken to, by breeze. … Continue reading

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wishing well

…   two stars granted, i wanted more for you than this fading trail; perhaps a Halley’s comet to lead you home.   .. dandelion fluff enchanted, i wished for another tiny spindled thing to make the day sing; realized … Continue reading

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.. the sky’s a Christmas tree tonight, and I am still, below just waiting for you to come and unribbon me.   ..

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Star Wars

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart – E.E. Cummings   ..  If the stars aren’t speaking to each other again, there’s a good chance it’s my fault. I’ve tucked your heart (carried in mine) too deep … Continue reading

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indigo sky, infinite stars

the milky way meanders just right from behind us forever to beyond all this deep dark blue. stars spill themselves in stories. i am listening.   ..

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Serendipity Song

The moon of a poet is an always-roaming thing. – Pink Girl Ink, Stacy Lynn Mar . Most days, I am full to bursting, words spilling out like milk and song. Even when it’s all but a tiny fingernail crease … Continue reading

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beg and bartered glow

open sesame that moon, she’s posing as a bowl of milk, the open -ing rind of a sweet can’t -aloupe, arresting of tongue but stilted and squat in its own lack of light. familiar, this. mercy flowing, served up among … Continue reading

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