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to hold the moon on your hungry tongue

… , first hum her name in scooped vanilla phrase, and let it murmur-melt to silence. drizzle her in dark chocolate sauce sky, with poprock star sprinkles. there’s a milky way shake nearby; just grab a straw and slurp. the … Continue reading

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staying on task

.. just ask the moon. she’s got a job to do, too. wax. wane. balance the tide tables. keep that ocean stable. stars? they’re the thumbtacks that hold up the sky. (they don’t take smoke breaks, or wonder why.) i’d … Continue reading

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a few lines from the farthest star

i am still here , connecting the dots on the constellation ……….of your smile. please send ink. lime, and tequila. {I am making my own salt.}   .. .. a second offering for my postcard poem prompt over at dVerse. there’s … Continue reading

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So me an ocean

.. , so deep that you can’t find me. so wide my inky arms can span the world. so vast my salt can stay. Or so I plead with stars. But so far, I am a shore.   .. Prompted … Continue reading

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seeing stars

  i. the sky’s an ebony construction paper sonnet, pin-pricked through with prayers. ii. loose moths mirroring the moon’s gregarious glow. iii. an infinity of unspent wishes. iv. a connect-the-dots game craving chalk. v. a freckle-pocked pathway going somewhere soon. … Continue reading

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Ska Sky

  .. Staccato stars ………play …………….hide …and ………seek …..through cloud trumpets ….playing a trom ……..-bone moon.     .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.    ..      

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unpocketed wild

child , can’t you see our shackles (these chains, the sky) have fallen? in the swollen swell of silence and your eyelash flutter, I shuttered my indigo fingers, my gills and scales and skin. the sky’s an ocean. these legs … Continue reading

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