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the lion and the owl and the hound and the fox and the grasshopper and the ants and the tortoise and the hare and the many many mice and the golden-egged goose have all gonehome , and all that’s left is that stone -soup moon.  and I, (alone)am still not … Continue reading

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a little something soupish

.. this poem is all split -pea and hambone moon, noodled in syllables and slightly goth broth. it’s dump -lings and gum -bo flings and hot and sour and wanton lust for life. let it simmer ; don’t take it … Continue reading

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this stone season

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..   She starts with a stone. Not the one they rolled away, nor the one collected from the shattered feet of her glass ………..(shoes) house, nor one thrown or skipped or river-smoothed by time. She adds ……(salt) water ………..(tears), … Continue reading

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