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To Embrace a Dark Sky After an Unquiet Rain 

You must let it be what it is, accept all terrain,cling tight to its corners,let loose its bright storms.  The same goes for love and poems.  ::In April, she poems.

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Greetings from a Distant Sighing Sky

Ah, love.The world’s insane. Wish me a dandelion kite,a storm of ice, a startled star-ling murmured twice. Worrystone this warm butterscotchcandy sun untilthe sweetest edges begin to fray,then build me a bold bright moonto light our way. :: It’s Quadrille … Continue reading

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Things We Said in the Storm 

The sky’s a hurry-cane scrim,but we’re still scribbling light-ning above the din.  We promised ourselves we wouldn’t hide, even as the cloud cauldron stirred.  And when we thought we might run out of time, we plucked our own feathers to write these lines.  :: In … Continue reading

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Commanding Clouds 

If you’re gonna poke a stick at the sky, you’d better chant a bit and sell a little of your soul.  There’s a slow pre-thunder roll that says we asked for this,that bliss is just the other side of broken -open clouds. That rain bows to … Continue reading

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Aubade with Yolk on Its Face 

:: And suddenly the day’s cracked open like a broken storm,with me alone at center.  :: In November, we poem. This one’s an aubade.

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occasional storm

  we are reborn in these deluge moments,heavens cracked open and boomingsudden protest of all this desert dry. in drops of liquid hopefrom broken cloud, redemption falls from sky.  we unfold our hands andrejoice in water only thrown, streams without stones.  It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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when we all can falling-star again

, I don’t wanna pan(dem)ic no more                     (no more) so        (please) just blue me a kiss bramble me a storm verb me a poem, then sky me … Continue reading

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Because I have not had my fill of falling

  , I am taking off my shoes and standing barefoot at the edge of it all once again, shouting nonsense-something to my echo-self and asking her to keep me company, fill this lonely void with laughter’s roar until the … Continue reading

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have a tiny umbrella in your pocket

, because every day carries at least one small storm.     .. In November, we poem.        

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when the wind whispers to the moon

, he says there’s a storm on the way. buckle down, get strong. she says i’m already strong. unties her belt and begins to dance.     . In November, we poem. 

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