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The Quiet One in the Corner Poem

… She hides her eyes behind a stained glass moon; a shadow moving softly in a storm. … twiglets #78. Advertisements

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Pocket Storms

… I have decided ……………(she thunders) that these last cold drops are mine, …..saved for a sunny day when arched and angry eyebrows know the sky shines quite too bright and I need just one little plop of …………….rain to … Continue reading

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Title Wave

We tried to tell you the storm ………….was coming, that these phrases have been arranging their kin and ken in kingdom, phylum, class …….-ified order for weeks. In case you’re wondering, they’re here, and they’ve brought whirl ……………..-wind reinforcements. Have … Continue reading

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storm fairy

… so, listen: you’re either well -weathered wit(her), or you’re not. if you’ve caught her ……..(net, pocket, palm) you know the moment -airy calm she brings be fore. her satin ribbon hair’s a syllabic squall wibble-wobbly woven through this sky. … Continue reading

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tempest dragon

… she’s a perfect storm -jar, leaves torn from her own ghost -journey with a twist-curl-skip-melt-spill from whisperwindow s(t)ill. she’ll giggledance you a new shimmer-spark-song-dawn, the long -drizzle-spring of shadowballoon. her rose-petal wings echo-breathe the sound of open cloudbreeze, lull … Continue reading

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The Swish and Stammer and Smudge of Love

Oh, but she’s a storm. The sky’s got a new slant, curl of cloud and scattered song. The syllables of her name are fleeting, sleeting, bleeding ink and drinking in the stone -washed bruises of another dawn.   .. Prompted … Continue reading

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i really can’t say

the sky is blue today; more of a mottled, coddled gray. i really don’t think i like my kids today this teenaged tyrant way, this humming hormoned storm. i really don’t know if today the words will flow. perhaps today’s … Continue reading

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