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Smiling in Shades of Blue

….. The sky’s got a twinkle in her ………………(star-struck) eyes, a certain slant of moon sliver holding midnight court with breeze. These trees have got some secrets and they ……………….(wind-whisper) in leafy tongues some song we’ve seldom sung, to make … Continue reading


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Summer Salt

  .. Had I told the sea of my longing, my wanting, the quiet haunting of my heart for wave and salt, it might have prepared itself for these feet. It might have treated my tumbled edges less like seaglass … Continue reading

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Hot Spot Chutzpah

  … The wind is a slap in the face. These last days of school, a calendar stain. We strain for breath, other uncatchable things. We know that the first stretch of summer means trading slavery for the fires of … Continue reading

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Teen Lashes

  …. **eye roll, eye roll** She’s like, so totally over all the duh-rama, already, like, so totally ready for summer to get here. **eye roll, eye roll** She’s got hair that needs sun-kissed and song lyrics to memorize and … Continue reading

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Girls in Green Dresses Under a Gargled Sky

… They dance in significant circle-sway, lull the moon to come out to play, blow hope bubbles and grin. They begin the melting of winter, the shimmer of spring, summer served with a twist and a hop-skip, too. They green … Continue reading

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