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The Sun’s Up Again  And the world keeps turning and the sky keeps squawking and I swear you  just keep talking, while the geese fly by like little white lies.  Catch one for me, and wring its neck.  I dare you.  ::In November, we poem.

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Icarus Waning 

I know the feeling, Sir.  Of chutzpah,hubris, and unheeded warnings.  Of flapping full tilt into a too-bright sun.  .  Of falling  in love with this broken (open) sky.  ::In November, we poem.

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The Sun’s a Golden Lozenge 

And there’s a croak in my throat and so from now on I shall speak only in braille, the ache of words unspokenthe frail flurry of feathersthe echo of this bright sky.  I know the chance I’m takingbut it’s a choice I’m makingjust in case … Continue reading


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Sky Shenanigans

We’ve already swallowed a big ol’ slice of that lemon yellow sun; now we’re gonna sip some milky moon and scare us up some fun.  ::In November, we poem.

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Phoenix Rising 

Surprising, really how fast she finds her wings, cobbles broken things back together  and sets her self (less shattered) back to sun.  She molds a smile from emberedash and tears,  mosaics splintered years into a dragon-armored kite and calls herself wild, child of moon and other borrowed … Continue reading

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bitter sky

Play magnetic poetry here.

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stone stroll

  play magnetic poetry here.       

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hang a left when you get to the moon

she’ll show you the way to wane, to whim the hands of time to darker sides. go straight for the stars, dot-to-dot math a path to that horizon haze, and hold the day loosely in pin-pricked points. sway right at … Continue reading

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Papering the Sky

.. Be -hold the sun, flush with first blush of day , an unquiet con ……….(artist) -trail of clouds, pass -ing by too soon , the dry rub spark of dark stars, this toxic oxy -mo(r)on. .. In November, we … Continue reading

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Run Four (and a Little More)

in the humidity. in the humility. in the hummm-idity of a new day. through the rainy breeze. through the whispering trees. through the raging seas of your own crazy brain. run four (and a little more) to clear your mind. … Continue reading

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