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because the sunlight doesn’t quite reach her skin

, this poem is a mossy old oak falling in a forest with no one near ……………..to …….hear. .. in april, we poem. even on days we don’t wanna.   

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more than blue

… call her ish {mael}, tired of waiting,de -bating breath and sigh -lence. call her boneless courage, be -friended skin, beginning of sacred sky. squall her a storm, some salt she might shed, a day she might dread turned to … Continue reading

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Squandering Sunlight

.. There’s a last -ditch effort to our breathing, a long slow grieving process (progress?) that comes sharp with every sunset. We watch it plop into mountain range ocean spill quiet plain; disappear as if it never shined. We hold … Continue reading

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Seeking Sunlight

.. Her broken places are poised and ready. Give her a scattered shower sky, a frozen why worth thawing. Hold her out, seaglass tumbled, wave-rumbled, to a dappled breeze. Filter her some -thing she can catch, know, grow into something … Continue reading

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