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a story held tight in syllabled fist 

see, here’s the gist: this poem does not want to be told. she’s holding it all in way too close to feathered chest assuming playing dumband stumbled silence bestfor flying below the radar, or snow.  see, here’s the ghost: of chance, she cannot speak. it’s been a week … Continue reading

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poem in peril 

help!  she’s running from the dactyls again, fleeing her own parchment skinand huddling between the lines.  she’s been participle dangled and meter-mangled and nearly strangled  (but wits intact) by stanza. in fact, she left us a syllabled s-o-s,and I fear it’s no joke, see?  cuz just when you think she’s … Continue reading

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Pondering the Word Water 

These parch-ments leave us longing for sylla       -bled ink.  We kneel to        (paper) stream, drink deep.  ::Quickly, day 5.

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