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Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts.– Edgar Allan Poe  :: We’ve got this hunger, see? These walls around our chambered souls, these syllables overflowing.  Our veins are … Continue reading

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i am

bic, some rhythm’d pen -sive soul etching cloudwords to ivory sky.  landlocked mermaid, dry scales thirsting for ocean, ink.  thinking; thanking. drinking in the rum-bled scribbled scrambled  song of some language i no longer speak. i am tossing letters (spaces)  to the breeze and hoping some bright bird catches them … Continue reading

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Orion’s Wheel

…. We steal celestial moments, thread our words through belt loops touched only by gods light years away. We call names. Fall apart. Whistle and wait for the echo of our own syllables. The stars are pin-prick cat prints on … Continue reading

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Spell, Bound

Come, sit a spell in the citadel and help me coral (core all) my syll- a -bulls. Dey got sharp horns (and harps, shorn) and dey songs is harm, Mon -(s)izing up all this strange. You got a pair, a … Continue reading

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she’s feeling howlish

.. drunk on gin (-sberg) and a good standing dose of Saat -chi,tea. . list -en, you can hear her syllables beg ……-in.   ..

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What Say Ye?

We entertain the mad. They whisper. – from “Tea Ceremony” by G.C. Waldrep .. Drink me …….(shrink me) down to nothing -ness, the best guess bliss of stirred honey, quiet leaves left.   Think me ……(blink me) sane, in small stages … Continue reading

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{everyday} mischief managed

  written for dVerse.  

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.. Ohhhh. What does that pay? the people sometimes say when I tell them I’m a poet. I wish I could show them my extensive hyphen collection, or a thousand and one ways to de -scribe the sky, but usually … Continue reading

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