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Taste and See 

The day’s spilled overlike a tipped cup of honied tea, and we’ve run out of words. Of time.  The moon: a lemon lollyor a wintergreen lozenge we long to melt on hungry tongues.  :: In November, we poem.

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(another poem gone rogue)  It’s not my fault,really.  This poem has chosen her own name.  Also her own war-drobe, which somewhat explains the periwinkle pointed hat and purple pumps with stripey socks (what is she, a witch?)  Hey, at least it’s not her birthday suit, like last … Continue reading

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Tea, and Stars

There’s a chai sky brewing, stewing in its own bright stir. She whirls, stretches long against a sugar cube moon and raises …………….(hands, ………………heart, ………………..hell) to tell her deepest stories, to spell herself in shards, to allow these aching leaves … Continue reading

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Chipped Saucers, Tiny Spoons

.. I stop by for a cup of tea and a song, but instead she says We are all a little broken , and I know she’s right, that the glory of us, of this place is in our scars, … Continue reading

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Tea, and Ceremony

When you serve tea to your guests, you should simply serve tea from your heart, and think about nothing more.   – Sen No Rikyu   …  When we don’t wanna think, we drink. Tea and rum -bled phrase, days and … Continue reading

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