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oh, moon

… you bloated balloon, bubbleghost. giggle me green-rose into this shimmer -spring dawn; twist my breath to hold this whisperbreeze. i dance your grin in cue-sparked clouds – open, lulled, leaving. skip me loose; melt my journey in curl of … Continue reading

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Dragon Dance Journey

.. Lull her soft with bubblegum grin and giggle-ghost breath. She breeze-leaves a cloud of spark and shadow, whisper-twist. Springspill her shimmer to a melted dawn sky, a moonscar curly-cued over open horizon. Green leaves of fire. Heartskip. Her sun’s … Continue reading

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We Hold These Truths

.. Dawn’s a grinning ghost, a whispercurl scar of shadowdance moon and bubble-breath breeze. Open a giggle jar. Spill your stars. Rise, twist clouds to dance. Spark (one) chance. Green our skin with lull of leaves. Cue the journey. Melt. … Continue reading

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Because I could not stop

, ghost me a whisper-dawn, scar-curled meltmoon setting in her shimmercloud sway. shadow me a sonnet-grin, an open jar of sparks, spilling bubble-breeze. this rose has thorns. (cue tattered leaves, green, twisted in melted breath.) my friend, fool death. skip … Continue reading

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Don’t Talk About the Moon Like That

She’s flat -out shimmer-skip tired of labels, green fables twist-grin breathed. She’s not a bubble or a shadowspill of spark, a cloudcue or a rose-curled scar. She’s got a million miles to dance, jar the breeze, lull-melt herself sane. Her … Continue reading

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Full Moon in a Snowstorm, Waiting

.. Dance, tiny bubble shimmer girl, skirted in skip and spark and shadow -spill. There’s a scar-breeze breathing open your grin. It leaves us lulled, pulled, cued to cloud and snowmelt, twist of green shoot, gathered rose. We hold our … Continue reading

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Cue Cards for a Wayward Sky

.. Dance, we scribe; try to spark and lull the clouds to play their bubblegrins across our open-shadow song. Twist, we sing. Skip and dream of green breezes spilled through rose jars, melted shimmer-snow. Breathe. Right on cue, when journey … Continue reading

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Better Kindling

… The moon’s on fire again, akin to the dance-skip of her own bright journeyspill. Do you know her bubble-lull-shimmer-green-grin, the way she melts a shadow-sky; leaves us wanting? Her spark starts our twisted-crimsonrose fire, held breeze-soft in open jars … Continue reading

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this is not the day we wanted, but we’ll boogie on through

.. it’s a journey dance, (one grin forward, two lulls back) a knick-knack-patty -melt (big green splat!) of skip and shadow. a rose cloud spilling itself to breeze. it’s a jar the sky leaves open, as bubbles shimmer-twist pop (don’t … Continue reading

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.. Here we stand, all fairy-shimmer green and keen to catch that dance-dark twist, our sister spilled and skipped across melting bubblestars. With a sinister grin, he leaves the door ajar, an open journey, lulling. Us? We’re strands of (p)rose. … Continue reading

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