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.. This poem is everything that happened before the flood. Our distinguished dark -est hour prayers. A small nod to our tired of trembling souls. Please excuse our penchant for privacy and paradise lost, the small filament findings that clasp … Continue reading

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this poem is not a

.. lulled leapdance nor bubbled-balloon, springdrizzle-dawn, cloudspark spawn. it’s neither curli-cued, open-stormshadowed nor leaving the creakrockcrunch of shimmer-spill. still, we hope it pepper-rose-spices your free-bliss dreamsoul, twist-skips grinmeltshimmer bones. Echo-sounds the dawn’s bouncekick, leaves green-breezespill, roses. this poem’s a journey … Continue reading

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When Words Crowd an Indifferent Sky

… Open to a whisper-kick? Let’s cue these shadowclouds, breeze-spark bliss stormspill-sky. Ghosts’ll giggle, twist-spring flickerfear this bubbleballoon moon. She’ll dream -drizzle-dance you still, echo-skip breeze; journey free. We spice hope, dawn-dream, spark-spring-forward. Shimmer -grin-green, cue curled-breath. Lull death’s creak. … Continue reading

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wild {in which she conjures up one more 44-word moon}

hear-ye, here: ye. free. found. ballooned in the dancedawndreamdrizzle of spilled bliss. still, this: echo-storm -pepper-curled scar. open jar, shadowcloud-spark. we giggle ghosts, spring flicker-fear, lull leaves to skip-melt-twist. she shimmers on, bubblegrin rose, supposed whisper-sound, curl-cued nightbreath breeze. our … Continue reading

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Cloudy, with a {small} chance of tossing all her words to sky.

I dance. Bliss-bubbleballoon this clover-cloud sky. We journey, jars open, leaves spilled; giggle -ghost our most drizzle-dreamed stillness. Flicker me storm -peppered fear, the dear -dawn way green twists rosebreeze. Whisper -curl my long-lulled scarsong, breath sparked, shadowsound. Shimmer -grin … Continue reading

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copper penny fountains {in which she finally uses all the words to describe something other than the moon}

… With storm breath and flickered fear, we open journey-jars, spill-skip dream -coins into bubbled shadows. Dance a wish, lull-curl-whispered across spring-surface. The echo-sound’s a cued breeze, melted shimmer-grin-ghost. A boast-giggle, drizzled-green dawn. The twist leaves sparks, still-twisted scars that … Continue reading

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{wherein she (once again) uses all the words to describe the moon}

… she’s a still-spring giggle, echoed sound, whisperstorm. dance her (shimmered bubble-balloon, dawn-ghost; cue twist-skip cloud-melting grin) scar-curled into open spill. will her vanilla-drizzled and pepper-sprinkle-sparked into shadow flickered breeze. she’s a white sky-rose, unjarred from journey. leaves you lulled, … Continue reading

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tempest dragon

… she’s a perfect storm -jar, leaves torn from her own ghost -journey with a twist-curl-skip-melt-spill from whisperwindow s(t)ill. she’ll giggledance you a new shimmer-spark-song-dawn, the long -drizzle-spring of shadowballoon. her rose-petal wings echo-breathe the sound of open cloudbreeze, lull … Continue reading

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Indigo Swallows All The Words

.. We dance. And the sky’s a journey-jar twisted shadow-open, rose-lulled to grin by ghostdawn spring. It drizzles, still, a sound that cues breath, skip-spark twists green. Leaves bubbleclouds to melt in scar-curl sun. That spill-shimmer moon? She’s a whimper-whisper, … Continue reading

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echo me a frozen moon

… the giggle-spring journey of her returning was a shadow-spilled whispercue curled around a ghostballoon bubble-grin moon. she drizzles us still in cloudsparks, leaves dawn openjarred to breathe dark-dance breeze; lull trees to shimmermelt green. we scar slow, echo twist … Continue reading

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