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This is Junk To Say 

I have eaten the plums the poems the icy brittle phrase which you were probably saving for future line breaks Forgive me that delicious moon makes me crazyand so cold  ::with fond nod to William Carlos Williams In April, she poems.

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This Is Just To Say We’re Still Talking About Those Damn Plums 

Which you definitely ate (the ones that were in the icebox)  and of course I was saving them for breakfast Forgive me for wanting something so sweet instead of all this cold  ::In April, we poem.

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three ways to smash a plum

i.squish that sucker with your thumb,purple-golden pulp oozing through your hungry hands.  ii. chew your way through until your lips are blue and your tongue is tangedand tinged with indigo.  iii. plonk! it against the wall an unresponsive ball once so sweet and so cold,now begging for forgiveness. Kim’s got … Continue reading

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This Is Just To Say {Again}

(after William Carlos Williams ‘This Is Just To Say’)   .. I have breathed in the nom de plumes that were in the night sky and which you were certainly saving for another poem. Forgive me they were enchanting starspun … Continue reading

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Sour Grapes

(in response to William Carlos Williams)   .. This is just to say I didn’t want those dumb plums anyway     . Prompted by Poetic Asides.    

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