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one last flabbergasp 

this poem is all a-flutter, a-mutter-ment of swallowed moon and muddled sun.  she’s one (i am-bic) foot in, three (blank) sheets to the wind and counting.  she’s a fountain of be -wild-erment, a copper sunrise penny spent on dandelion wisheswith fluff-fine handles.  {bring candles.} she’s throwing a surprise party of … Continue reading

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Trace Her Here, Strong

This poem has (no) fear,  she’s here to kick some arseand take some names.  She is ocean roar and river flow, both oak and breeze. The healing ache of lake.  A wonder-whirl of phrase. The command of days. A blaze of star.  Shhhh. She’s quiet now.  But … Continue reading

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a story held tight in syllabled fist 

see, here’s the gist: this poem does not want to be told. she’s holding it all in way too close to feathered chest assuming playing dumband stumbled silence bestfor flying below the radar, or snow.  see, here’s the ghost: of chance, she cannot speak. it’s been a week … Continue reading

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poem in peril 

help!  she’s running from the dactyls again, fleeing her own parchment skinand huddling between the lines.  she’s been participle dangled and meter-mangled and nearly strangled  (but wits intact) by stanza. in fact, she left us a syllabled s-o-s,and I fear it’s no joke, see?  cuz just when you think she’s … Continue reading

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Mad ©Hatterbox Poem

This poem will not stop spilling. It’s thrilling, really if you can keep up. She can’t shut her trap to save her life. Words every -where. She says drink meand we do, because she is both decadent and true  and all things in between. As well as … Continue reading

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this poem is made of maple syrup sky and black forest on rye and the whispered why of granulated grace.  of empty space. of quiet lines that trail true north, wax forth and waneonly by a frosted slice of moon.  too soon, she’ll murmur something in … Continue reading

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for the love of this poem 

, i shall give her a stanza skirt of royal scarlet and turquoise, a pearly glint of autumn moon.  she’ll swoon when i show herthis gentle noise of stream, the golden sunsets seams  i’ve sewn into her hem. the trem-bled sway of breeze. these … Continue reading

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supervillain poem 

this poem is a cad,not a single scad of good, super -latively bad.  she’s had it with meter and goodie-two-shoes rhyme and perfect                 timing. she’s looking (in Gothamin Valhallain Suburbia) for an es-cape.  (she can’t fly, but she’ll try.) she’s horrible and incorrigible and evil to the … Continue reading

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(another poem gone rogue)  It’s not my fault,really.  This poem has chosen her own name.  Also her own war-drobe, which somewhat explains the periwinkle pointed hat and purple pumps with stripey socks (what is she, a witch?)  Hey, at least it’s not her birthday suit, like last … Continue reading

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poem stitched in sidewalk chalk 

this poem is neither here nor there,line nor square               (one).  she has scrib-bled her-self in sidewalk chalk, and then hopscotched across her own bright skin,left just one small skipping stone within.  shhh.she’s still here,still stained. waiting for rain.  :: In April, we poem. This is also a second … Continue reading

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