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She has not thought this poem through.

; It has no pondered purpose. No prayer. No be -ginning, midd -led end. But the phrase indoor fins wanted a place to be, so she builds it a word-salted home, a storm drain, a sea. .. The phrase ‘indoor fins’ … Continue reading

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(l)onely poem

.. this poem is all by its lone -some self, some semblance of assem -bled phrases on a shelf. in a void. annoyed. this poem is a single sigh -lent scream, a scene from a one -act play with no … Continue reading

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This Poem Can’t Be Much

.. This poem is a soft-shelled crab, the drab and unadorned way the world sighs just before a storm. It can’t be dry -cleaned, or steamed or hung on a line. It won’t be patient with your heart, or your … Continue reading

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this poem is a whisper

… , a twisted scar-shadow, shallowspill, breeze-curled dance of chance. leave it out in the open, melted down for songs, lulled shimmer-safe into the skipspark of its own dark name. we breathe bubbles, grin green clouds. twist roses through our … Continue reading

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Second Story

This poem is the place I live. It’s a shanty by the sea, with a view of forever. It’s a well -weathered cottage dotting a crimson sky. It’s a penthouse suite, a one -room apartment, a periwinkle chalk cardboard box … Continue reading

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Power Lines

..   This poem is a live wire, a woven liar, a vowed lyre with a broken string. It’s a filament of sigh and song, a quiet longing sizzling across the miles. It’s a caffeine-keyed up smile, clacked black against … Continue reading

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.. This poem is a struggle, a red hot mess. It needs a life vest, a straight jacket, a kick in the pants and a hat to hang homeward. This poem needs a snuggle. A hug. Some small shrug to … Continue reading

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