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sticky stones 

we say they gather nothingas they roll (moss, or otherwise)but what if we surmise that they gather all? stream droplets and moon shine and the drunken breeze that sends them spinning, or the sea glass shards that keep them sitting fast in their own decline.  they gather tears, … Continue reading

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the first stone

Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks. – Forrest Gump  thrown, it stings and things may never (ever) be the same.  held, it burns and turns over in your (angry, hungry)hand.  buried, it still carries all that (wait…wait…)weight.  dropped, it stops.               (plop.) ponders heart. embraces grace.   PAD Challenge day 5.

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long gray braids and fading footprints

.. you look older now whispers that naughty moon, my wanderlust gypsy soul sister. i silence her in sea -glass, sand and salt, true-north pebbled ………………..stones, as the stars lie in wait for me.   .. twiglet #137     … Continue reading

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the quiet keening of smallish stones

.. we throw them in as wishes, just to see some change in the surface of things, just to watch the ripples rise. we revel in their displacement, the way they sway the river’s path, make bur -bled song of … Continue reading

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Hiding Behind This Smallish Shadow, Over Here

  I said I’ll wear the mask if I have to I will inherit the crown… – Suicide Silence Who among us has not wasted these smaller things? These stones. Thrown them loose just to listen to the ripples on … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones

… i Shouldn’t, really. (Glass houses and all that C   R    A     S    H -ability.) ii Skip it. Long and low, across the waves, (or whatever saves you from the rest of the storm.) iii The one that … Continue reading

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The Year of Writing Dangerously

Give her an audacious heart. A quiet spot for noisy bones. A stone to throw softly or un ………-throw. Give her the sting of her own salt, a stum -bled place to start, …a slant of sun a nook of … Continue reading

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Stones, Thrown

.. Sometimes there just aren’t enough words ….witnesses stones, ………..songs. We long for unshattered silence; abandon our slingshots, glass houses, un -cast lots. We toss our hats in too far and scar our own skin with a burning desire for … Continue reading

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Striking Rock

  In the desert there is no sign that says, Thou shalt not eat stones. – Sufi proverb    .. We ache ourselves in to divining rod shadows, these places broken open in search of water, sanity, salt. Fault lines … Continue reading

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