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though love be a day

,  this poem is not:that red(wheelbarrow) red rose, or a summer’s day, or some weird wild ecstasy over a Grecian urn.  it’s not walking in beauty nor on the road less taken or through some godforsaken woods (in snow, or otherwise).  it’s not counting the ways or the breaths or the deaths … Continue reading


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lady i swear by all flowers

he keeps doing that.  all of you, really. swearing by us, calling us by any other names. (not so sweet.)  some of us are seeing red. some of us are feeling blue. (like i said, sugar, not so sweet.)  and you?  seriously. get a … Continue reading

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{Anyone lived in a pretty how town}

Her name tag is a lie she carries to the laundromat every Thursday night like clockwork.  It’s “Thirsty Thursday” right next door, but she’s drowned her days in a glass before and the rum-ble, tumble of the dryer is more healing than the clink of ice and sloppy … Continue reading

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smashed word broken

let it go — thesmashed word brokenopen vow orthe oath cracked lengthwise — let it go itwas sworn togo E. E. Cummings  we smoosh them between our hungry fingers like chalk,smudge them to the sky.  you and I, we’ve got them right were … Continue reading

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pretty how towns

we find ourselves (insideout, downside -up), in those places where anyone might call us (sunmoonstarsrain) crazy. tomorrow’s hazy, is it not? we’re daisy-chained, wind-caught, so why not? let’s hitch up our horses our heels our frowns , and take that … Continue reading

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Smashed Word Broken

let all go – the big small middling tall bigger really the biggest and all things – let all go dear so comes love – E.E. Cummings   .. I am shedding my old skins again. Onion to apple, just … Continue reading

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Functions & Fabrications

“though life’s lived wrongsideout,sameness chokes oneness” – E.E. Cummings .. It’s the (l)oneliness that gets to you, the only-ness. The lack of all, the fall. The up -side …..d(r)owning. Enough to make you forget you are …………a sing -ular sensation. … Continue reading

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Living Suddenly Without Thinking

  … Did we dance? I only remember the lull of that bone bubble moon, the grin-glimmer of her melting into shimmer sea. Did we twist the truth? There’s no proof to the contrary on God’s green earth, just the … Continue reading

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