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Etch your name upon my weathered skin

.. , and i will whisper you a secret or two, leaf-weave you a song. carve your heart near mine, that we might hum-strum this breeze in tune. my limbs do not grow tired or numb; my roots are anchored … Continue reading

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Mass Exodus

.. The sky is falling again, and they are calling to each other like Armageddon is in their midst. Moses (he’s the big one) has a doodle-bobber the size of a headdress and he’s obviously in charge, and his voice … Continue reading

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Oceans and Orchards

. Has the world gone mad? A deep ache in its own ancient springs, a superstitious shake of salt over left shoulder. Our fault lines are showing. Trace them in the sand, stain them to your skin – strength in … Continue reading

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Watching it All from a Scattered Sky

.. There’s a quiet burning along the edges of this city, a crimson horizon embered in scar -let grief, a longing song. Even these trees carry bruises and ruses of their own, but I am born of silence.   . … Continue reading

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