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The Sun’s a Golden Lozenge 

And there’s a croak in my throat and so from now on I shall speak only in braille, the ache of words unspokenthe frail flurry of feathersthe echo of this bright sky.  I know the chance I’m takingbut it’s a choice I’m makingjust in case … Continue reading

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a story held tight in syllabled fist 

see, here’s the gist: this poem does not want to be told. she’s holding it all in way too close to feathered chest assuming playing dumband stumbled silence bestfor flying below the radar, or snow.  see, here’s the ghost: of chance, she cannot speak. it’s been a week … Continue reading

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Two, too Quickly

‘ku (dos) for the sky in praise of stars  sharp shards of sea glass in a broken open sky,scattered deep as sighs :: palming psalms O, the awe of trees waving limbs to sacred blue aching to know the sun’s fire  ::Quickly day 8.

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humming schwä

we uh at that saffron balloon sunrise  seizing the skyand we’re listening for the bumble-buzz of beeand be.  the world is all squawk squawk squawk and talk of war-nings and fire and we have to warble loud to stay un-stressed.  it’s best to pencil in the rest, slow slur -blur shades of … Continue reading

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the girl who talked to trees

… they call her forest faerie, ………wildling, wayward one. she is all these things and more. she’d tell you their stories if the moon would shine just right, …….but she has heard their bark, pressed her palms against ………………their darkness. … Continue reading

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Sevenling: a poem of t(h)rees

  A poem of t(h)rees should begin perhaps with black ash, paper birch, scar -let oak. It would stretch skyward in the lightning of open palm, crepe myrtle, and weeping willow’d sway, to teach us the root-word ways of endings. … Continue reading

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{for the trees}  . Forgive us our sins, this ripping of your skins, your purloined pulp our great white hope. You promise much in your alabaster space, force us to face our brightest fears; woo us with the wild delights … Continue reading

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I’m ’Bout to Build a TreeHouse

… ’Cuz we need a place to be(e), a place for tree- age and sigh -lence. We’ll lace a ladder of purple fuzz and buzz, and the blizzard force of backward breeze. We’ll hiccup ………….(and down) and sneeze, and talk … Continue reading

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Stopping, by the Woods

{and miles to go} .. We are dropping our leaves again, and praying for rain. Staking our claims in silt and soil, toiling long and hard and deep. We are steeping our paper-thin souls in all this breeze. Please, let … Continue reading

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Running Against the Wind

… Just gotta put one foot in front of the other, take another step pull another breath find another song. Just gotta listen to the trees, they know things feet can’t know lungs can’t swallow sky can’t tell. Just gotta … Continue reading

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