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blue friday

and what’s next is breathingand believing the best and getting some rest and communing with sky and not asking why and holding on to Whoand breathing in Blue.  :: written for poetic asides November chapbook challenge.

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true north waiting

she is particle dust parched on desert floor, thrust far from the magnet Blue of true.  point her upand just let go; you know she’ll make her way back someday when she’s had her fill of still cobalt.  today, the sky will do.    …       … Continue reading


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South by Southwest

… I am found in the desert place with a Lake ache deeper than blue. I am solid skin dry heat shaman shade. Sunset me a crimson sky, cloud shroud a nearby mountain crest. Point me true north. I’ll try … Continue reading

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When the sun shines too bright in a burned out sky

.. , I just wanna dye myself true blue, so you can find me again.   ..

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