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True North and Other Quiet Lies 

The compass says we’re therebut I still feel the pull of something greater, some crater in my soul that says we’ve got a ways to go.  We wake. We give. We grieve. We take. We’re born. We mourn all those livesthat could be ours.  And we … Continue reading

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dandelions in the rain

.. she wears a scarf of scribbled poem fluff, just thick enough to ……………(warn) warm us. and her voice cracks open this one last stone of truth: the day’s a storm of sting and silence and we’re all just waiting … Continue reading

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.. the truth had teeth. a sour and dank bitter stew. she stooped to cave below, her heart a ……(s)well, ……….and drank it anyway. .. wiki note twiglet #20         

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Something {She} Knew

She rings it in bright, right happy and hopeful and full of good cheer and surrounded by love and laughter. She rings it in true, blue, knowing there will be tears and heart cracks and switchbacks and wrong turns and … Continue reading

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the best gesture of my brain is less than your eyelids’ flutter which says we are for each other ……………………………..– E. E. Cummings, since feeling is first . don’t blink, love i think {i} love ……………….you. close your eyes, love … Continue reading

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(a Fib) . oh, you had dibs on my heart until you dubbed it a fool, unspooled its soft edges into this black sky. confession: broken can fly.     ..

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Alley Ways

…… We are vacant lots of longing, nothing but trash blown by tentacles of breeze, temptation’s squeeze, and some quiet whispered want. We haunt brick walls instead of building bridges, fence our fears and loose our tears only in bony … Continue reading

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