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no (spare) change

,  and so we walk on bywithout learning their stories, their former glories, their names.  we look at the side-walk. our phones. the sky. anywhere but their soulful eyes.  what if we bent (empty-handed, open-hearted) and let them know they’re seen?  what a different world this might still be.   … Continue reading

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to fall in love with the world again

, you must engage a flower in full conversation.  you must allow a tree to tell you secrets.  you must find yourself in this ridiculous sky.  to fall in love with this world {a gain},  you must hold hands with hopeand contemplate clouds.  you must bare your soul your feet your heart  … Continue reading

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still trying to hug that blue-green marbled mess

i think that i have finally be -friended the dragon. she and i, we cool. we drool in fire and sky, and fly in the face of fear. she slays me with her wit, her will, her whim and want. … Continue reading

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Still Trying to Throw Her Arms Around the World

Crossing the River – Ally Saunders .. I write in salt. Heart doubled and aching. Give me your (blessed are the) poor, your tired (oh, I am tired) your ……..(world) weary souls. Give me a riverbridge, a quiet song. Something … Continue reading

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