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Icarus Waning 

I know the feeling, Sir.  Of chutzpah,hubris, and unheeded warnings.  Of flapping full tilt into a too-bright sun.  .  Of falling  in love with this broken (open) sky.  ::In November, we poem.

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this poem is made of maple syrup sky and black forest on rye and the whispered why of granulated grace.  of empty space. of quiet lines that trail true north, wax forth and waneonly by a frosted slice of moon.  too soon, she’ll murmur something in … Continue reading


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Epic S(i)mile 

Yours is as that crescent moon broken open for a star-freckled waiting sky. Like a golden river flowing through the black of night,the sacred borrowed light of sun. You’ve spun-sugar waxed me giddy-gibbous into risen glee. You grin, and I’m robed in lunacy.  ::Day 26 … Continue reading

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i get nothing out of anything but moon

  but you were there, under all that glow , and in between the wax and wane. and night after night you spilled stars, and I sang my own name.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.     

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Mr. Fixit Tries to Spackle the Moon

.. Too soon, he realizes it’s use -less; she’s born …….too many scars. And besides, she’s shrinking again. Waning until she’s weightless, wantless, willed and whiled to sky. Ask him why he keeps at it, and he’ll tell you this: … Continue reading

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an open letter to the moon

.. on be half of those down here, waning, ……..waiting for your full shine, could you possibly wax just a little faster?   . Prompted by Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge, day 29.     

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