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the last of it

there’s a crescent of hope in the sky that says we are for each other, even as we crumble. even as we fall. even as we leave ……..pieces of ourselves behind. still, …..small, we shine. the ……{not quite gibbous} gist … Continue reading

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luna, landing

.. she unpeels her -selves slowly, layer by layer waning, an onion in parchment skin. she be -g(r)ins in waves, asks much of stars.   .. the prompt over at mindlovemisery today is the moon. how can i resist?     

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Specter Moon

(an Aubade)   .. Dawn breaks us open, unspoken and changed, rearranged. We say our goodbyes, our last gull cries, our vast pulled tides and ardent waves. Sun rises; moon falls, a balance like breathing. She’s nothing but a ghost … Continue reading

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… and the moon still knows her place, knows which way to face and how much to show. she’ll still wax awhile, then wane, still feel the pull of waves. still rise.     .. NovPAD, day 12.     

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something more than someday, too.

.. she’s doing it again; layering her skin with doubt and promise, polishing the way she says I’m fine when she means to scream. she’s counting all the clicks and the tics and the tocks and the way that the … Continue reading

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waning gibbous

.. she’s melting again, on her way to fingernail -thin and disappearing. i’ve asked her a couple of questions, floated her a song, so i hope she’s listening, even in her current state of un. she’ll be back, I know– … Continue reading

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