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Here Thar Be Treasure 

They’d rather be pirates than princesses; the games just look more fun. They’ll don some swords, learn some salty words and parley silk for sun.  They’d rather be pirates than princesses, so they strike out for sea with flags un-furled, these savvy, wily wildling … Continue reading


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hair of the dog 

welcome to wildling bog, where we are full of beansand chase our november (s)word hangovers with applesauce,daisy chain crowns and trees.  we wily wenches climb no stairs (of hair or otherwise) we spin no gold we bear no bling  (the corsets were too tight). we swim no … Continue reading

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That Time the Supervillains Stopped by Wilding Wood 

So, the Wildlings (those wayward rebel-rogue princesses) thought they’d thought of everything – with tricks and traps and surly dragons to guard against nosey princes and bully kings – until the Supervillain Infiltration of 2022.  Those crafty maleficent heels bribed the dragons with shiny things and sang … Continue reading

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We Wildlings 

We wander. We whim. We swim in streams and bathe in moon.  We swoon over sunrise, or we sometimes we sleep in. We’ve  cast our shoes to chasms and collapse in fits and spasm of  laughter. We’ve decided happy (ever after) means home among  the … Continue reading

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Wilding Wood is Not a Waiting Room 

For the record, the wildlings (these wayward rebel-rogue princesses) are not ladies in waiting.  They are not sitting about biding their time until their princes come or their fathers give permission or their fairy godmothers wave the wand.  They’re quite happy here, fond of sun-kissed freckles and filthy feet.  They’re … Continue reading

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Cinderella Smells a Rat 

So, the clock strikes midnight and that’s the end of it?  The mice turn back,a lost shoe? (The damned things were killing her feet, anyway.)  Listen, Pumpkin:after all that, if he only recognizes you by size (aching feet or otherwise), maybe it’s time to for you to steal a real horse and shoo,before … Continue reading

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Happily Ever 

After the rain (before the moon), they hum their free-dom tunes to a storied sky.  The world whirls by with a royal flair, but they’rejust happy to behere with the trees.   ::In November, we poem.

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Breaking Point 

They’ve gone wild(these wayward princesses),bored of bibbidi-bobbidi boo,tired of titles and weary of woo.  They’ve decided to break it all down lose the shoes and crack their crowns into a mosaic of glitterglee.  See? The world shines better broken. Spoken. Free. ::It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse … Continue reading

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Dragon Dance Remix 

{Abbreviated version, with happyness hangover}  Crown hula hoops spun. Dragon hearts won(wrangled, spangled).  Howling’s begunwith freedom sung(bare feet, loose lungs).   Sipping happy tea,steeped in glee (whiles, smiles).  :: Day 27.

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Next to the Oldest Oak Tree 

That’s where they gather the most, the mossand the moments that remind them they’re free.  There are three small pines where they’ve cast their shoes. Here they pause to remember their past.  And then there’s the moon. Eyes and swords skyward,they whisper thank you to stars, and know … Continue reading

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