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and the sky played on 

she never knew the moon was made of music, orion belting out the blues.  and then she flew, mad as midnight, wild as stars. ::In November, we poem.

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All Aboard  The struggle bus is leaving soon. We’re all mad here, I fear, most  mad and moonly. Sit down, let’s whine and dine just fine until we get fed up with empty cups and lack of clack. The trick: to click  your … Continue reading

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He’s got a big ol’ watch and (apparently) some kind of (very important) date. We don’t know what (we’re all mad here.)  Frankly, he’s quite frantic and perhaps it’s pedantic, but we’d really like to help the poor fella hop along.  We’d ask Alice, but she’s currently wee, and Tweedle Dum and … Continue reading

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