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moving on

(in the key of clack)  :: we’ve left our black smudges on the pages of each other’s hearts.  we’ve flirted, we’ve fallen.we’ve phrased.  we’re right here last callin’glasses raised for one moreround, glass syllables clinkedand jackets donned.  and now as we soldier on (as these … Continue reading


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repeat, after me 

in 1990, we said “i do.”  you didn’t. i did.  for several years i vowed to lie here another day.to make you stay. to make you pay. to get away.  ibid. ibid. ibid. :: Day 22 for NaPoWriMo.

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The Wayward Princesses Aren’t Sure What to Do with Themselves Today

Somebody said good -bye, and there will be no more poems.  But these sassy chicas have bared their feet and souls and are ready to throw a moon rave again.  Anybody got a magic                    (wand) pen?  ::May Day! May Day! No prompt. All play.

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in praise of finish(ed) lines

we inky finger tappety-key the words across these snow drifts day after day after day after ………………………………..day, even as the world is ending even though our kids are home even though we’re torn, and tumbled even though the world is … Continue reading

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Have nightshirt, will travel. {Mr. Midnight & Mrs. Moon make the most of free will}

  Once upon a time, they danced. Graced the stars from A to Z, poemed in tercets. An opening act of smile and frown, they dip and weave in all dog star sirius-ness, watch their reflections pen prime haiku in … Continue reading

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{pondering the closing of another april}

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curtain call for a fading moon

too soon, this midnight sky ……………….-scrim closes, and she supposes ……………..what life is like backstage.     …

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Squandering Sunlight

.. There’s a last -ditch effort to our breathing, a long slow grieving process (progress?) that comes sharp with every sunset. We watch it plop into mountain range ocean spill quiet plain; disappear as if it never shined. We hold … Continue reading

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humbled. honored. struck speechless.

  …     ………………………………………by this.          

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Beyond the First Sign

. There was something democratic about the waves that lapped the dock like a secret handshake. It can’t be wrong to love the Lake while standing on the other side, all but gone. Remember the taste of frosting clouds? Do … Continue reading

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