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wanting whim

this year’s gone all heavy again, lead-bellied belligerent bossypants and i long to tutu and tulle, rule the school with taffeta promises and stripey-socked  glee. you see, we’ve got some giggles that need loosing. some bubbles that need  blown to sky. some … Continue reading

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dragon’s breath

… pity her nothing, this unquiet puff of sky, this fiery tangerine cloud beast, pinned soft and savage least against her own bright cerulean skin. she has spun her self of steam and smoke and sigh -lence, unshrouded her eyes … Continue reading

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call of the while

.. all wit and whim and slim-jim trim stims aside, we abide by exactly 0 of the rules. we choose and snooze and lose ourselves in the (squirrel!) (shiny object!) (hey! my soul!) game of cat and mouse (-keteer). state … Continue reading

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