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wanting whim

this year’s gone all heavy again, lead-bellied belligerent bossypants and i long to tutu and tulle, rule the school with taffeta promises and stripey-socked  glee. you see, we’ve got some giggles that need loosing. some bubbles that need  blown to sky. some … Continue reading

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daisy chain gang

Thy fingers make early flowers of all things. – E.E. Cummings   .. listen, i’ll tell you a secret: He loves you. there is no knot, no tangled web of stemmed hate nonsense-talk that says we aren’t for each other. … Continue reading

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call of the while

.. all wit and whim and slim-jim trim stims aside, we abide by exactly 0 of the rules. we choose and snooze and lose ourselves in the (squirrel!) (shiny object!) (hey! my soul!) game of cat and mouse (-keteer). state … Continue reading

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The Solo (Cup) Cult of Artists and Their Mysterious Men(tors)

(for Shawna) .. Only the rum -bled tongues are red, really. The rest of us is indigo white-washed starkissed shine. We meet only in imaginary rooms of speck-tack-you -large spackles, small sprink -lings of rosemary and sage, henna and ink, … Continue reading

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